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What is a custom Ai synthetic avatar or custom Ai actor? 🤔

A Colossyan custom actor is the creation of a hyper-realistic digital version of a person of your choice. It's created by training the algorithm on actual footage. The actor can be used in Ai videos generated by simply typing in a script!

Who can become a custom actor?

Anyone! It could be yourself or one of your team members, as long as they've given consent

How long does it take? ⏰

Creating a custom actor involves a short filming session of 20 minutes. Once we have the footage, it takes 10-15 days

Does the custom avatar have my voice?

It's your choice! You can select one of our voices, or we can add your cloned voice using Descript's Overdub, which is available on Enterprise plans

How much does it cost? 💵

Our standard price is $1000 p/y; just make sure you have an active subscription

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