How do I pick and preview a language?

⓵ First, type your text in the script box, our system will automatically detect your chosen language. We support 70+ languages! - Check them out here

⓶ Click on 'listen to the script' button

💡 tip: if you don't want to listen to the entire script, you can highlight parts of the script to listen to

How do I change the accent or language?

⓵ Click on the voice picker, in this case, "Michelle"

⓶ We have hundreds of accents available for each language, and the voice picker will help you find the best fit for your video 🎥

💡tip: you can preview each voice before selecting "apply new voice"

Can I upload my own voice?

Yes! 'Audio upload' is a feature within our enterprise plan, giving you the ability to upload your voice in up to 70+ languages. Our algorithms will automatically synchronise the audio file to the actor.

💡tip: if you want to upload your own voice, why not do one better and create your own custom AI actor?

What if you don’t have my language?

We are constantly looking to add new languages to our ever-growing library. If we don’t have your language yet, let us know via chat!

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