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Side-view avatars πŸ‘₯
Side-view avatars πŸ‘₯

Side view avatars are perfect for scenario-based learning, realistic conversations and stories.

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What are Side View Avatars for?

Side View Avatars offer a new perspective by enabling lifelike, side-profile interactions. Perfect for portraying realistic dialogues, they elevate training modules by providing more opportunities for storytelling and empowering you to craft even more dynamic training videos.

Use Cases for Scenario-Based Learning

πŸ’Ό Sales Training - Equip sales teams with scenario-driven experiences, allowing them to handle different customer interactions and scenarios.

🀝 Conflict Resolution - Train professionals to navigate difficult conversations, ensuring harmonious workplace relations.

πŸ—£οΈ Customer Service Simulations - Prep customer support teams to address various client concerns effectively and empathetically.

How to use Side View avatars?

  1. Select Narration for 1 avatar or Conversation for multiple avatars

  2. Select Side front or Side back

  3. Mirror and resize the avatar(s) if necessary

Avatars that support Side View

We are adding more and more avatars that support side-view, please look for the below icon:

Side view templates

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