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How to import PDF or PPT πŸ“„
How to import PDF or PPT πŸ“„

Learn how to import your existing content in PDF or PPT format.

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If you have a PDF or PPT file, you can easily import it into Colossyan to start making your AI video right away!

πŸ“ Important: Pages of PDF documents or slides of PowerPoint presentations will transform into scenes in Colossyan. Our Starter plan allows you to utilize 15 scenes, while the Pro plan grants you 25. Read up on the details of Colossyan's plans here to choose the best option for you.

Import a PDF or PPT

  1. Click the Import button next to 'New draft' and select PowerPoint or PDF.

  2. Each page in your PDF and each slide in your PPT will turn into a scene in Colossyan. You can add blur, a filter, or remove a specific slide or page by clicking Background - Uploads.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: To create a more engaging experience for your audience, try incorporating different types of media and text into your content, and adding animations to draw their attention.

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