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Understand content ownership and commercial use.

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Understanding the Colossyan full-commercial license

Colossyan provides a full-commercial license for all user-generated content with all paid plans (Starter, Pro and Enterprise). This means that users are the sole owners of the video content they create on Colossyan Creator. We offer this license to ensure that you can freely share your work without any limitations or worries.

Ownership of video content generated on Colossyan

All video content created on Colossyan Creator belongs entirely to the creator. You can find the full-commercial license agreement in our Terms and Conditions. This license allows you to share your video content anywhere you choose, as long as it follows our fair use terms.

Sharing Video Content Generated on Colossyan Creator

You have the complete authority to share your video on any platform or forum, as long as it complies with our fair use terms. These terms are outlined in our Terms and Conditions and should be reviewed before deciding where to share the video. Please note that the full-commercial license only applies to videos generated on Colossyan.

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