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Multi-select ⬆️

Select & move multiple objects around the scene.

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What is Multi-select?

Multi-select is the ability to select multiple objects (avatars, text, images, etc) in your scene, and move them all at the same time.

To select multiple objects, you have two options:

  1. Click and hold your mouse button anywhere outside the scene, then drag your cursor over the objects you wish to select.

  2. Click on the first object you want to select, then hold the Shift key and click on each additional object. This method allows for individual selection of multiple objects, no matter where they are located.

Important: You can move, copy, paste and delete multiple objects, but you can't resize or animate them together yet; this would need to be done individually.

What makes multi-select useful?

With multi-select, you can:

🖱️ Easily select, move, and copy multiple objects in your scene.

⏩ Speed up your workflow by working with multiple objects at once.

🖼️ Take your video’s layouts to the next level.

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