Get the most out of your Colossyan videos

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Automatic video translation 🌏Automatically translate your Colossyan videos in 75 languages
How to animate your content ⏱️Make your videos more engaging by using animations.
How to record your screen πŸ–₯️Create a screen recording with Colossyan
Scenes 🎬Everything you need to know about scenes
Upload a video asset 🎞️Understand different behaviours of uploaded videos in Colossyan.
How to add subtitles πŸ”‡Learn how to add subtitles to your Colossyan video
How to preview your video ⏯️Make the most out of your minutes by using the preview!
Brand kit 🎨Learn to use the brand kit feature to incorporate your company logo, colors, and custom fonts into your videos.
Layering πŸ§…Learn how to layer your assets in Colossyan.
Transitions 🌫️Get creative with transitions between scenes.
AI image generator πŸ–ŒοΈCreate unique and customized images for your videos!
Colossyan API Token πŸ”‘
Conversations between multiple avatars πŸ‘₯Create scenarios with up to 4 avatars in one scene.
Watermark πŸ’§Remove the Colossyan logo and add your own.
Aspect ratio πŸ”²Make sure that your video looks the best when posted online.
Deleted drafts & videos πŸ—‘οΈLost & found
Duplicate πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈCreate multiple versions of your work
Background music 🎡Learn how to add stock music and upload your own in your videos
Upload audio 🎀Learn how to use your voice using the Upload audio feature.
Multi-select ⬆️Select & move multiple objects around the scene.
[BETA] Interactive videos πŸ•ΉοΈEasily add quiz scenes to your videos.