Learn how to create a professional video, use templates, automated translation and more

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Automatic video translation 🌏Automatically translate your Colossyan videos in 75 languages
Share, embed or download your video πŸ“ΌLearn how to share, embed or download your video created with Colossyan.
How to animate your content ⏱️Make your videos more engaging by using animations.
How to record your screen πŸ–₯️Create a screen recording with Colossyan
Scenes 🎬Everything you need to know about scenes
Upload a video asset 🎞️Understand different behaviours of uploaded videos in Colossyan.
How to add subtitles πŸ”‡Learn how to add subtitles to your Colossyan video
How to preview your video ⏯️Make the most out of your minutes by using the preview!
Brand kit 🎨Learn to use the brand kit feature to incorporate your company logo, colors, and custom fonts into your videos.
Layering πŸ§…Learn how to layer your assets in Colossyan.
Transitions 🌫️Get creative with transitions between scenes.
AI image generator πŸ–ŒοΈCreate unique and customized images for your videos!
Colossyan API Token πŸ”‘
Conversations with multiple avatars πŸ’¬Create scenarios with up to 4 avatars in one scene.
Watermark πŸ’§Remove the Colossyan logo and add your own.
Aspect ratio πŸ”²Make sure that your video looks the best when posted online.
Deleted drafts & videos πŸ—‘οΈLost & found
Duplicate πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈCreate multiple versions of your work
Background music 🎡Learn how to add stock music and upload your own in your videos
Upload audio 🎀Learn how to use your voice using the Upload audio feature.
Script export πŸ“ƒAccess and manage your video scripts for future reference.
Audio export 🎧Export audio directly from Colossyan
SCORM export πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ«Integrate training videos into Learning Management Systems
Subtitle export πŸ“˜Enhance user engagement with interactive subtitles, perfect for web-based videos.