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Colossyan AI Assistant πŸ“
Colossyan AI Assistant πŸ“

Learn how to use our AI assistant to create compelling video scripts.

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Why did you add an AI Assistant to Colossyan?

It became apparent after talking to customers, writing a script for your video takes up a lot of time. We wanted to help this process with the help of technology. Hence, we asked for some AI help. It is always at hand in your script editor just when you need it. All you need to do is to type "/" in your editor to reveal it. We are excited to see how much productivity boost it will give you.

How can I access the AI assistant?

  1. Open up the editor

  2. Navigate to the left-hand side where you can enter your script.

  3. Type " / " in the editor to trigger the contextual menu.

  4. Select the AI Assistant option in the menu. You can do this by using the arrows on your keyboard and hitting enter or your mouse.

  5. Inside the "AI Assistant" you can give it a prompt.

  6. Wait for the answer to be generated.

  7. Review the text before you insert in the editor

  8. Press Insert script if you are happy with the text.

  9. You are good to go.

What kind of prompts can I give to the AI assistant?

The Assistant is very flexible. Here are a few use cases you can use it for:

  • Generate text on a certain topic

  • Help you summarize a longer text

  • Correct grammar

  • Rewrite your text with a different tone

Here are a few examples:

  • Can you suggest a catchy opening line that will grab the audience's attention?

  • Can you help me develop a list of key messages on a specific topic that I want to convey in this video?

  • Can you recommend a way to make this script more engaging and interactive for the audience?

  • Can you suggest a way to incorporate humour into this script without undermining the seriousness of the topic?

  • Can you help me create a clear and concise call to action that will motivate the audience to take action?

  • Can you suggest a way to structure the script to make it more impactful?

  • Can you provide me with statistics or other data points that can support the messages in the video?

  • Can you help me find the right balance between providing information and keeping the audience engaged?

What languages does the AI Assistant support?

All major languages are supported. Go ahead and try if it works with your language.

Who is it available for?

The AI assistant is available for all customers for a limited period. We are planning to restrict it later on depending on your plan.

What powers the AI assistant?

The Colossyan AI Assistant is powered by GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) developed by Open AI. It is an advanced computer program that uses machine learning to generate human-like language.

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