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How to animate your content ⏱️
How to animate your content ⏱️

Make your videos more engaging by using animations.

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  1. Go to the Script box

  2. By using the forward slash / or the animation markers button place an animation marker into your script

  3. Select the asset on the canvas that you would like to animate

  4. Click Animate on the left sidebar

  5. Select the Animation type

  6. Select the Behaviour

    1. Enter - your asset will enter at the selected marker and stay in the scene until the end

    2. Exit - your asset will enter at the beginning of the scene and exit at the selected marker.

    3. Both - you can select a marker for the enter animation and the exit animation separately

  7. Select the marker from the list to set start and end timing

Which assets support animation?

You can apply animation to textboxes, images, videos and shapes.

What are the available animations?

You can use fade, slide or grow animations.

How do I use animation markers?

Animation markers act like pins that you place on different parts of your script to specify starting and ending points for animations. For example, if you want an asset to fade in and fade out, you would place an animation marker at the starting point and another one at the ending point. You will see animation markers in the script and on the Animate tab of each asset as a list.

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