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How to record your screen πŸ–₯️
How to record your screen πŸ–₯️

Create a screen recording with Colossyan

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With a screen recording, you can enhance any product demo, tutorial or online training.


  1. Click on Media then select Record

    1. Playing the script audio could help you match the screen recording with your script. It does not record audio.

  2. Open the screen recorder and select between tab, the entire screen or window recording.

  3. When you are done, return to Colossyan and trim your recording if necessary.

  4. After inserting your recording you can resize it by dragging one of the corners.

  5. In case you are adding an actor to your scene make sure that the actor is not blocking any important part of your recording - you can try the head-only view.

πŸ’‘Pro tip: Make sure to enable screen recording for your browser in your computer settings.

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