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Upload audio 🎀
Upload audio 🎀

Learn how to use your voice using the Upload audio feature.

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The Upload audio feature enables you to upload voice clips and add them to Colossyan Avatars in up to 70 languages using any recording device. By uploading your own audio you have total control over voice emotions, pauses, inflection and style.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: We recommend using speech-only audio files. To learn how to use background music, please follow the link.

How to upload your audio?

  1. Navigate to the Script tab

  2. Delete everything from the Narration

  3. Select "Upload audio"

  4. Make sure your audio upload file is in any of the supported languages

  5. Upload your audio file

  6. The system will automatically identify the language uploaded

  7. Choose your Colossyan Avatar, you can even create your own avatar

  8. Preview your video to check for errors

  9. Generate your video to see the result!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: For the best experience we recommend using .wav or .mp3 files no longer than 5 minutes per scene.

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