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How to add subtitles πŸ”‡
How to add subtitles πŸ”‡

Learn how to add subtitles to your Colossyan video

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Add subtitles to the entire video

  1. After creating and previewing your content, click on Generate

  2. Toggle the button next to Add subtitles

Some scenes are not subtitled in my video

In case you have turned on subtitles, but added new scenes afterwards, the new scenes don't have subtitles by default.

Switch subtitles off and on again to apply subtitles for the new scenes. You can verify how many scenes have subtitles by hovering over the ℹ️ info button next to the subtitles switch.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Subtitles will match the language used in the script. If you need your entire video translated, you can use automatic video translation in 28 languages.

πŸ“Important: Subtitles are not available with our conversation feature.

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