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Pricing & Packaging FAQ πŸ’³
Pricing & Packaging FAQ πŸ’³

Learn more about Colossyan pricing and packaging.

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Can I pay monthly?

Yes, we offer both annual and monthly payment plans. With an annual payment, you save 20% and your unused video generation minutes will roll over until the end of the billing cycle.

Can I cancel my monthly plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Your cancellation will take effect and will stop the automatic renewal at the end of the current paid term.

Can I cancel my yearly plan at any time?

Yes, but please note yearly plans are paid upfront for the entire year, so you won’t be refunded for the unused months.

How do you calculate pricing?

Our pricing is based on video generation minutes and access to features. See the comparison table on the pricing page for details.

Am I charged per minute?

You are charged based on your plan, which has an allowance of video generation minutes. Generated videos count towards your allowance, including videos with a voice-over.

Which plan can I create a custom avatar on?

You can create your very own Custom Avatar on any active annual plan! Find additional information here.

Do my unused minutes carry over to the next month?

If you have an annual subscription, your annual video generation minutes will be available in bulk (for example 12*40=480 minutes in the case of an annual Pro subscription). In the case of a monthly subscription, your minutes expire each month.

Can I purchase additional minutes?

Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase additional minutes. To be able to generate more videos, you can upgrade your subscription.

What is the difference between drafts and videos?

You can go back and edit your draft videos at any time, whereas generated videos are the final rendered version of your drafts. These cannot be edited without first editing the draft and generating a new video.

Do my drafts count toward my minute allowance?

No! You can create as many drafts as you like. Only generated videos count towards your allowance.

Can I edit a generated video?

A generated video is an .mp4 file, you cannot edit that. Whenever you click on Generate we deduct the full length of the video of your video generation minutes regardless of if you generated that video before or not.

Do I use up my minutes when I preview my drafts?

Using Preview mode won't take away any minutes from your video generation allowance. Generating the video will deduct the full length of your video from your total video generation minutes each time you click the Generate button.

Can I go over my minute allowance?

No, it’s not possible to go over your allowance - you will have to upgrade to a more generous plan to generate more videos.

What happens to my account after the 14-day free trial?

You won't be able to generate videos unless you upgrade to a paid plan, but your drafts will remain intact on your account.

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