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Video generation minutes ⏰
Video generation minutes ⏰

Learn how your video generation minutes are calculated.

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If you are creating videos using Colossyan, you may be wondering how video generation minutes work. Rest assured, we have you covered!

Preview vs. Generate

With all of our plans, you can preview your video without using your allocated video generation minutes. While you can't control the lip sync of actors, you can still review the text for typos, control the voice, and make other adjustments without consuming your video generation time. This allows you to perfect your video before generating it.

Generating a video

Please keep in mind that whenever you click on the "Generate" button, the length of that video will be deducted from your video generation minutes. Therefore, if you have a 30-minute allowance and generate a 5-minute video, you will only have 25 minutes left for the remainder of your plan period. Please note that we also measure seconds.

Can I edit a generated video?

No, a generated video is a .mp4 file, it cannot be edited within Colossyan. In case you have to change something and generate the video again, the full length of that video will be deducted from your video generation minutes again.

💡 Pro tip: With an annual subscription, you will receive your minutes in bulk and save 30% compared to a monthly payment plan.

Can I roll unused minutes over to next month?

Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month, as video generation minutes reset on the renewal date.

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