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We're currently offering a 14-day trial to all subscribers who sign up at Colossyan. The idea behind the trial is to showcase full Enterprise capabilities and features without any limitations. Helping you make a better decision on the type of plan needed for your use case.

How long is the free trial period?

14 days.

How many videos can I create?

You can create as many videos as you want as long as their combined length is less or equal to 5 minutes.

How do you calculate minutes?

Each time you click on Generate to generate a video, we deduct the length of that video from your video generation minutes.

Do I have to enter my credit card information?


What happens when the trial ends?

  • You won't be able to generate videos unless you upgrade to a paid plan

  • Your drafts and videos will remain intact on your account

Feature comparison

Please visit our pricing page for a full comparison of the available Colossyan plans.

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