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Workspaces πŸ—„οΈ
Workspaces πŸ—„οΈ

Collaborate seamlessly with your team to craft impactful videos.

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Say goodbye to endless feedback loops! With Colossyan workspaces you can create and share drafts and videos with your team with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

How do I create a workspace?

  1. Click on Create new workspace

  2. Give your workspace a name

  3. Click on Create workspace

Personal workspace vs. Organisation workspace

When your team has the Enterprise plan, you automatically become a member of the organisation's workspace, and you can create additional workspaces within the organisation for different projects, with different members. Personal workspaces won't allow you to create or generate videos.

On an individual plan (Starter or Pro), you don't have access to Organisation workspaces, there you can create personal workspaces only.

How do I invite team members?

Once you’ve created your workspace, the next step is to invite your team members. You can either invite them via e-mail or by sending an invitation link.

Invite a team member via e-mail

  1. Click on your workspace and select Invite team members

    1. You can also do this from Workspace settings - Team members

  2. Send an invitation via e-mail by typing your teammate's e-mail address

  3. Click Send invitation

The invitation e-mail will look like this and lead to the Colossyan login or signup page.

Invite a team member using an invite link

  1. Click on Create Link to create the invite link

  2. Click on Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard

  3. Share the link with team members that you'd like to invite

You can also delete the invite link once your invited team members join. This will result in the following page in case someone tries to use the deleted invite link:

πŸ“Important: Your teammates have to sign up for a Colossyan account to join your workspace.

How do I assign permissions?

By default, all your team members will become viewers in your workspace after joining. You can assign different permissions by following the below steps.

  1. Click the workspace name in the top-left corner

  2. Select Workspaces settings

  3. Click on Team members

  4. Scroll down and assign Editor, Viewer or Admin roles to those who should be able to create and edit drafts and videos.



Create & Edit

Manage members

Manage workspace





















Which plan allows workspaces?

You can create a workspace with all our paid plans (Starter, Pro, Enterprise)

Do all team members need a paid plan?

No. All team members will be able to access features and video generation minutes available with the workspace owner's plan.

Workspace admin's plan

Editor seats

Viewer seats



1 (Owner only)




3 (Owner + 2)



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