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Commenting πŸ’¬

Share your Colossyan video with your team to get feedback and collaborate.

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Turn feedback into better videos with commenting

Unlock the full potential of your video projects with Colossyan's Commenting feature.
It enables effortless teamwork, swift project turnarounds, and enhanced video quality through collective insights and efficient feedback.

πŸ‘₯ Collaborate effectively

πŸ”„ Speed up production

πŸ“ˆ Produce better quality videos

Here is where you can find Commenting in your Editor:


Our Commenting feature is here to revolutionize the way you collaborate on video projects. Whether it’s your manager, your content creator, or someone else from your team β€” anyone you know can now easily contribute to your video.


Here's how you can share your video to get feedback:

  1. Invite the user to your Workspace. They will be able to join as a viewer.

  2. Next, send them a link to your video.

  3. They can then comment on the entire video or specific scenes.

  4. You can reply to comments and resolve them directly within Colossyan.

All plans get unlimited viewer roles, which means that you can get feedback from as many people as you'd like.

πŸ’¬ Note: While all plans can have unlimited viewers, commenting straight in Colossyan is only available in Pro & Enterprise workspaces.



We're excited for you to experience the power of collaboration that Commenting brings to video projects!

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