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[BETA] Hand gestures πŸ‘πŸ»
[BETA] Hand gestures πŸ‘πŸ»

You can now add hand gestures to some AI avatars.

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BETA Hand gestures

You can now make your videos more dynamic by adding gestures to your script. This feature is released as BETA , and currently works for the following avatars:

  • Isabella

  • Nina

  • Owen

⚠️ Key information about hand gestures

  • Hand gestures only work for some avatars β€” as we continue to develop this feature, we'll be adding this capability to more and more avatars.

  • Hand gestures only work in shoulder and bubble views.

  • Hand gestures are not available for custom avatars

  • Hand gestures are not visible in Preview, only in the generated video.


How to add hand gestures

  1. Select one of the AI avatars that support gestures.

  2. Add the "πŸ‘‹" symbol from the bottom script menu to the part of your script where you want your gesture to happen.

    Make sure there is enough space between each gesture β€” they can't be too close to one another.

  3. Generate your video. πŸš€

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If you add a hand gesture to the end of your script, add a 5-second long pause as well for the movement to play out correctly.

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