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Learn how to improve your script for the best text-to speech results

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Use Listen

One of the best ways is to use the Play button. This will let you listen to how the actor would say each line before generating your video. If there are any small issues with pronunciation, you can catch them before using your video generation minutes.

Use paragraphs

Breaking down your script into multiple paragraphs instead of a single one offers several advantages, including faster video generation and improved precision in animation and subtitle timings.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Each paragraph has a 900-character or 3000-character limit based on the voice you selected.

For best results, always use punctuation at the end of sentences, and do not use dashes or any other symbol that’s not a comma, a dot, an exclamation mark, or a question mark.

Acronyms and numbers

Use our Pronunciation tool to add special pronunciation to acronyms and numbers.

Do not mix languages

Do not include words from more than 2 different languages in one script. Try auto-translation instead!

Use breaks

You may use the forward slash / menu to add breaks between any words or sentences. Simply type / click on Break and select the duration.

✏️ You can edit the duration of the break by clicking the pencil icon

πŸ—‘οΈ You can delete the break by using the bin icon

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: You can also use 0.5 or lower numbers to have a shorter pause.

Use emphasis

1. Periods (.) will add a long break and downward inflection; this makes them great for ending scenes or chapters!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If your sentence ends with a number make sure to spell the number out to avoid an upward inflection. 1990 ➑️ nineteen ninety

2. Commas (,) will add shorter breaks than a period. Use commas when you want to emphasize a specific word or part of the sentence without adding too much length or inflection.

3. Quotation marks ("") will add emphasis to a specific word or part of the sentence. The quantitation marks when you want to highlight a specific part of your script.

Character limits per scene

Free trial: 1000 characters

Starter, Pro and Enterprise: 5000 characters

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